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How much does it cost?
The contest itself is free for all participants in U.S., meaning there is no registration fee and no fees related to mailing since all information will transfer electronically. Proctors of participants are responsible for making whatever local arrangements their students may need to participate.

How will I find out my score on the screening test?
Approximately 2 weeks after the screening test, score reports will be sent to proctors. You may ask your proctor for your score.

Are there awards?
Top scores will be posted on the official website. The top 30 students of the screening contest will receive a free 1-month online training experience leading to the final team selection. The top 4 of these 30 students will represent the United States in the Hua Cup Contest held at Macau, China from August 13th-16th with all international costs paid by our sponsor. In addition, top students also receive prizes in terms of books or scholarships.

How is the final team selected?
During the 1-month training program, daily homework, several exams, and one Team Selection Test will be given to the participants. Our training program coaches will combine these scores along with the homework grades to determine the final team members and two alternates.

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen?
The initial screening exam is open to any student in regular attendance at a U.S. school. However, the final traveling team is limited to U.S. citizens and legal residents. This is comparable to practices of other national teams, such as the U.S. IMO team.

Can my parents come?
Yes, parents can come with their students; however, there is no financial assistance available to defray parents' costs.

How will students traveling be supervised?
The traveling team consists of four students and two coaches, so students will be closely supervised.

Do I need to speak Chinese?
No. At least one of the traveling team members will be a native speaker and will act as interpreter as necessary.

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