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2012 Math Talent Quest Top 10

2012 Online Training Program Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following 2012 Math Talent Quest U.S.Team Members!
7th graders:
Angela Deng from Fred J Carnage GT Magnet Middle School, North Carolina
Christopher Xu from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Wisconsin

Alternate: Peter Yang from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Wisconsin

6th graders or below:
Akshaj Kadaveru from Nysmith School, Virginia
Nicholas Sun from Kennedy Jr High School, Illinois

Alternate: Srivats Narayanan from Lakewood Middle School, Kansas

Team Leader: Yuxuan Qi, Director of Math Talent Quest

Advisors: Lynne Floto
Dena Chubbic

Much Thanks to Aaron Lin, the head of the Online Training Program, and all the training program coaches (see "Staff' on the left bar).

Click here to learn the performance of the U.S. Team at Hua Cup 2012.

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